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 The USAF Fighter Weapons School was established on 1 January, 1954, at Nellis AFB.  In 1955 the F-100A was added to the School’s inventory. In 1958 the School was transferred from ATC to TAC, and was given a numerical designation as well, the 4525th School Squadron under the 4520th CCTW. F-100 C/D/F aircraft were used at this time. In 1966, the School was designated the 4525th Fighter Weapons Wing and assigned to the newly activated Tactical Fighter Weapons Center, also at Nellis. Under this wing, the F-100 School was designated the 4536th FWS. By this time only F-100D/F aircraft were assigned. In 1969, another redesignation took place, and the 57th FWW took the place of the 4525th. The F-100s were in the 65th FWS, but departed within the year, ending the F-100’s association with the FWS.


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USAF FWS Graduate

USAF FWS Outstanding Graduate