7272d ABW-7272d FTW

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7272nd FTW

Designation: 7272d Air Base Wing, 7272d Flying Training Wing

Units Assigned: 7272d Aircraft Gunnery Group, 7235th Support Squadron, USAFE Weapons Center

Location: Wheelus AB, Libya

F-100 Models Flown: C/D

Dates F-100 Assigned: 1958-1970

Remarks: The 7272d FTW was activated in 1964 to assume the operational mission portion from the 7272d Air Base Wing. 7272d AGG controlled the El Uotia Weapons ranges and air-to-air ranges over the Mediterranean Sea. The F-100s of the 7235th SS were used as chase aircraft while co-assigned B-57s were used as target tugs. The USAFE Weapons Center provided training for European based fighter crews. These TDY units were attached to the 7272d AGG for the duration of their deployment to Wheelus.

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7272d AGG

7235th SS A Flight

7235th SS B Flight

7235th SS

7272d AGG Bombing Range

7272d AGG Weapons Range