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Designation: 506th Fighter-Day Wing, 506th Fighter-Bomber Wing, 506th Tactical Fighter Wing

Units Assigned: 457th FDS/FBS/TFS, 458th FDS/FBS/TFS, 462d FDS/FBS/TFS, 470th FDS/FBS/TFS

Location: Tinker AFB, Oklahoma

F-100 Models Flown: D/F

Dates F-100 Assigned: 1957-1959

Remarks: The 506th was assigned from SAC to TAC in 1957 and converted from F-84Fs to F-100Ds. Started as a FDW, but in January 1958 became a FBW, and finally a TFW when all USAF FDW/FBW units were renamed TFWs in July of 1958. Participated in several deployments to Europe. Started phasing down in December 1958 and inactivated in April 1959.

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457th FBS

458th FBS

458th TFS

462d FBS-TFS

470th TFS