479th FDW-TFW

479th FDW-TFW

Designation: 479th Fighter-Day Wing, 479th Tactical Fighter Wing

Units Assigned: 434th FDS/TFS, 435th FDS/TFS, 436th FDS/TFS, 476th FDS/TFS

Location: George AFB, California

F-100 Models Flown: A/C

Dates F-100 Assigned: 1954-1959

Remarks: The 479th FDW was the first operational user of the F-100, receiving the A model in the fall of 1954. Around 1956, they re-equipped with F-100Cs. They flew these until converting to the F-104C, starting in late 1958 and finishing in early 1959.

479th FDW-TFW

434th FDS

434th TFS

435th FDS

435th TFS

436th FDS

436th TFS

476th FDS-TFS