4520th CCTW

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Designation: 4520th Combat Crew Training Wing

Units Assigned: 4520th CCTG, 4521st CCTS, 4523d CCTS, 4524th CCTS, 4525th SS (FWS), 4520th Aerial Demonstration Flight/Squadron (Thunderbirds)

Location: Nellis AFB, Nevada

F-100 Models Flown: C/D/F

Dates F-100 Assigned: 1958-1966

Remarks: The 4520th CCTW was renumbered from the 3595th CCTW after that unit’s transfer from ATC to TAC in 1958. By 1962 most F-100s were sent to Luke and only the 4525th School Squadron (Fighter Weapons School) and the Thunderbirds still had F-100s. That year the 4521st equipped with F-86s and assumed the Military Assistance Program training foreign pilots, the 4523d converted to F-105s, and the 4524th inactivated. In 1966 the 4525th SS was redesignated the 4525th Fighter Weapons Wing and assigned to the Tactical Fighter Weapons Center at Nellis with the F-100 unit designated as the 4536th FWS. Nellis additionally had a Test, Research and Developmental Division that worked closely with the FWS. The 4520th ADF (Thunderbirds) was redesignated the 4520th ADS in 1960. They briefly converted from the F-100C to the F-105B in 1964, but after an accident revealed more modifications were needed to the F-105s, the team reverted to the F-100, this time the D model, flying them until 1968.

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4520th CCTG

4520th CCTW William Tell Team 1958

4521st CCTS

4521st CCTS

4523d CCTS

4524th CCTS


4520th Aerial Demonstration Squadron (Thunderbirds)