37th TFW

Designation: 37th Tactical Fighter Wing

Units Assigned: 355th TFS, 416th TFS, 416th TFS Detachment 1, 612th TFS Detachment 1, 174th TFS

Location: Phu Cat AB, South Vietnam

F-100 Models Flown: C/D/F

Dates F-100 Assigned: 1967-1969

Remarks: The 416th TFS Det. 1 operated two seat F-100F models as Misty Forward Air Controllers. The 612th TFS Det. 1 was in fact the entire unit, but was attached and not assigned from the 475th TFW at Misawa. In May 1968 the 174th TFS of the Iowa ANG arrived with their F-100Cs and flew combat missions until May of 1969. In May of 1969 the F-100 units were assigned to other F-100 bases and F-4 units took their place at Phu Cat AB.

37th TFW

174th TFS

355th TFS

416th TFS

612th TFS

416th TFS Detachment 1 Misty FAC

Misty NVN-Laos F-100F

Misty F-100

Misty F-100

Misty F-100 Steel Tiger

Misty 100 Missions NVN F-100

Misty 200 Hours NVN F-100F

Misty 100 Hours NVN

Misty 100 Hours NVN

Misty 100 Hours Laos F-100F