3595th CCTG-CCTW

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3595th CCTG-CCTW

Designation: 3595th Combat Crew Training Wing, 3595th Combat Crew Training Group

Units Assigned: 3525th Aircraft Gunnery Squadron, 3594th CCTS, 3596th CCTS, 3597th CCTS, 3598th CCTS, 3599th CCTS, 3595th Aerial Demonstration Flight (Thunderbirds), USAF Fighter Weapons School

Location: Nellis AFB, Nevada

F-100 Models Flown: A/C/D/F

Dates F-100 Assigned: 1954-1958

Remarks: First F-100A arrived in August of 1954. The 3595th belonged to ATC. In July of 1958 it was transferred to TAC and renumbered the 4520th CCTW. All assigned squadrons were renumbered as well. The Thunderbirds moved from Luke AFB to Nellis in June of 1956 after converting to the F-100C from the F-84F. There is no known patch for the 3595th CCTW, so the group patch is featured.

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3595th Aerial Demonstration Flight (Thunderbirds)

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