3525th 4530th CCTW

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3525th 4530th CCTW

Designation: 3525th Combat Crew Training Wing, 4530th Combat Crew Training Wing

Units Assigned: 3525th: 3527th CCTS, 3528th CCTS, 3529th CCTS

                              4530th: 4531st CCTS, 4532d CCTS, 4533d CCTS

Location: Williams AFB, Arizona

F-100 Models Flown: C/F

Dates F-100 Assigned: 1958-1960

Remarks: These units have a history that has been difficult to definitively ensure total accuracy. The 4530th CCTW was renumbered from the 3525th CCTW after that unit’s transfer from ATC to TAC in July of 1958. It is not sure how many of the units from the 3525th had converted to the F-100 from the F-86 when the wing renumbered. Additionally, one squadron from the 4530th, the 4532d, may have never equipped with the F-100 when the wing was inactivated in 1960.

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3527th CCTS

3528th CCTS

3529th CCTS

4532d CCTS