18th FBW-TFW

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Designation: 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing, 18th Tactical Fighter Wing

Units Assigned: 12th FBS/TFS, 44th FBS/TFS, 67th FBS/TFS

Location: Kadena AB, Okinawa

F-100 Models Flown: D/F

Dates F-100 Assigned: 1957-1963

Remarks: Wing converted to the F-105 in 1963.

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18th TFW

18th TFW

18th TFW Standardization / Evaluation

18th TFW Tactical Evaluation Section

18th FBW Quality Control Section

18th TFW Flight Test Quality Control Section

18th TFW Flight Test Section

18th FBW-TFW William Tell Gunnery Team 1958

18th FBW-TFW William Tell Gunnery Team 1958

18th TFW F-100

12th FBS

12th TFS

12th TFS I Flight

12th TFS K Flight

12th TFS L Flight

44th TFS

44th TFS A Flight

44th TFS B Flight

44th TFS D Flight

67th FBS

67th TFS

67th TFS E Flight

67th TFS G Flight

67th TFS F-100

67th TFS F-100