162d FIG-TFG

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Designation: 162d Fighter-Interceptor Group, 162d Tactical Fighter Group

Units Assigned: 152d FIS, 152d TFS

Location: Tucson IAP, Arizona

F-100 Models Flown: A/C/D/F

Dates F-100 Assigned: 1958-1966, 1969-1978

Remarks: Received F-100As and assigned the air defense mission as the 152d FIS. Participated in William Tell 1959, the only F-100 unit to do so.  Swapped out the F-100A for F-102As in 1966. Equipped with F-100C/D/Fs in 1969 and redesignated the 152d TFS. Became the F-100 training unit for both active duty and ANG pilots. The first A-7Ds arrived in 1976, and fully replaced the F-100s in 1978, still in the training role.

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162d FIG-152d FIS

152d FIS-152d TFS

152d TFS