113th TFW

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Designation: 113th Tactical Fighter Wing

Units Assigned: 121st TFS

Location: Andrews AFB, MD

F-100 Models Flown: C/F

Dates F-100 Assigned: 1960-1971

Remarks: Mobilized twice while flying the F-100. Called to active duty in 1961 during the Berlin crisis, but remained at home station. Returned to state control in 1962. Mobilized again during the Pueblo Crisis in January of 1968. The 113th TFW replaced the deployed 354th TFW, which was sent to Korea, at Myrtle Beach AFB, SC. The 119th TFS from New Jersey was attached at this time, also flying F-100Cs at Myrtle Beach. The wing returned to Andrews in June of 1969 and the 119th returned to Atlantic City. Converted to F-105Ds in 1971.

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121st TFS

119th TFS